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South  Africa is enthralled with adventure, immeasurable wildlife and wistful beaches which leave tourists wanting to return to this astonishing country time and time again, and what better way to enjoy this sensational part of the world than with a professional and luxurious tour and travel company, Harmam Global Travel And Tours


We offer a fascinating range of tours,transfers safaris and travel concierge along with a safe and comfortable shuttle service. Our fully-fledged road passenger transport solution  covers all your needs from individuals to small groups or large contingents – there is no job too big or too small. Trips involve visits to sensational locations such as Soweto and Cape Town, Kruger National as well as exclusive sports, heritage and cultural tours having been curated by highly experienced and knowledgeable guides, who live and breathe this outstanding country along with all it has to offer, ensuring each visitor leaves feeling immensely satisfied and desperate to return.



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Why People Choose Us

Everything’s on schedule

Whether its a scheduled tour or a private tour we understand he importance of time management. Out team prides itself on working tirelessly to make the most use of limited time frames.

Destination variety

Our offerings are suitable for a wide range of budgets , experiences, occasions and more. We create moments memories and events for everyone there in no small or big group to us.

Comfortable housing

Our Accommodation offering are vast and beyond your wildest imagination. From lifestyle accommodation to business suites and five star living we have deals and offering across all.

Nature Experiences

Nature Tours Across Southern Africa

City Tours

We guide you through captivating towns and cities as well as allow guests to explore South Africa’s historical stories and cultural traditions.

Wildlife Safaris

Safaris hosted in style for an unforgettable African wildlife experience that will
leave you pleading for more.

Shuttles, VIP Charter and More

For affordable and reliable ,shuttles ,transfers ,coach hire and now with luxury charter flights available we get you there.